Birchwood | North Devon

Birchwood is a Biosphere Partner

We are delighted to announce that our estate, Birchwood in North Devon, has been announced as a World Biosphere Partner.

North Devon has recently been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; from the highlands of Dartmoor and Exmoor, across the river valleys out to the sea beyond Lundy, the North Devon Biosphere is one of 668 Reserves in 122 countries. It was the first of seven to be designated within the UK and helps secure a better future for the county, by linking people and nature together.

As a business partner, we have pledged to protect the biosphere and support a better understanding of local and global issues at Birchwood.

The Biosphere Business Partner Scheme is an opportunity for businesses to be part of a sustainable business network; dedicated to promoting the preservation of wildlife, habitats and landscape, whilst creating a sustainable economy. As Birchwood is part of Habitat First Group, this runs parallel with our core values and is something that we are all incredibly proud of.

At Birchwood we are committed to:

  • Implementing wildlife-enhancing land management practices and gardening techniques, e.g. installing bird nest boxes, bat boxes, wildflower borders and natural heathlands
  • Promoting local knowledge and cultural heritage to guests and residents through events and other suitable opportunities
  • Reducing energy and water consumption, by producing renewable energy or using alternative technologies
  • Increasing recycling and reducing waste across the estate
  • Engaging and trading with local businesses that operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner

To read more about the partnership and our commitment to nature, click here.