Birchwood | North Devon

Peregrine Falcons

The peregrine is one of the UK’s most wonderful birds of prey.  Capable of speeds of 200mph as they stoop (high-speed dive) after prey, they put on a spectacular aerial display.

Pesticide use in the 1960s resulted in peregrine numbers plummeting. Still today they are targeted with eggs and chicks being taken for collections and falconry. Thankfully new and improved legislation and protection have helped the birds to recover. They are now doing particularly well in urban environments using the highest buildings for nesting.

Birchwood is home to a pair of peregrine falcons and in a mission to help conserve these incredible birds we have installed several nest boxes at the highest points of the site in the  hope that they will use these for breeding in years to come. The natural environment we are creating around Birchwood will ensure a permeant supply of the food the peregrines need for survival.

The project is in its infancy and we will keep you updated with any developments.

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